Sharon Siu

Now I understand how AWS IoT services assist engineers at the industrial project level through R&D work during these two months. Throughout the process, we analysed and uploaded the data from the PowerLogic PM8000 meter in our experiments.

Tammy Hon

CIMDA offers us a warm and welcoming environment for students to develop cutting-edge research in pose estimation technology. It supports great internships to students in gaining valuable hands-on experience. It gave me a wonderful opportunity to utilize my programming knowledge and further consolidate my skills in various practical situations.

Sam Wong

My internship lets me see so much more about the field of machine learning. I have developed many skills and have a much clear concept of what to expect after graduation. This internship allowed me to apply the knowledge to real situations.

Peter Ng

It was a meaningful experience for me to join the CIMDA summer internship. I have learnt skills and concepts in machine learning, such as building and training models. The company gave me plenty of opportunities to apply my knowledge to different projects. All staff are kind and helpful, too!